Remember the catflaps

Een Engelstalig stuk dat ik in 2010 voor het Twistproject in Grahamstown, Zuid-Afrika heb geschreven. Het was m’n eerste Engelstalige werk.


Two men dressed in catsuits step on the scene. Not spandex catsuits like Catwoman wore, catsuits shouldn’t be made of spandex. Catsuits should be furry, as cats are furry. Maybe that’s why Catwoman flopped. By the way, those two men stepping on the scene, are Barry Bernadette (40 something) and his assistant Frankie (40 something as well).
Their faces painted like cats.
They’ve got a lectern.
They’ve got a lot of bags with them. In those bags: old cat flaps and balloons you can transform/shape into some kind of object, in this case: cats, ofcourse (I don’t know the english translation for these types of balloons, I’d say shapeballoons cause that sounds logical, kind of). Oh, there’s also lots of rubbish in those bags. This is all visible for the audience.